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Cloud Computing Evaluation

With Software as a Service (SaaS) becoming widely accepted, Cloud Computing is becoming increasingly important for small businesses because of its low cost (pay as you go and just for what you need) and agility (rapid ramp up and down). However, users are facing increasing number of choices with several cloud computing solutions and service providers around. And choosing the right cloud and the right vendor can be complex and challenging. At eJyothi we can help you understand, assess the benefits and risks, and select the right cloud and the right vendor.

eJjyothi team has experience working with Cloud Computing platforms, such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace and Google.

Project Highlights

  • Fetching Life

    We have done extensive research in Platform as a Service(PaaS) offerings for Fetching Life's web application project. Fetching Life required a highly scalable and flexible platform for hosting their futuristic web application. Our team of developers and analysts were able to evaluate and suggest the ideal PaaS to be used for the deployment. The research team considered various parameters such as performance, availability, maturity, reliability of service as well as the service offering company, ease of development, and ease of management.

  • Saralution

    We did comprehensive analysis of Saralution’s requirements and identified the cost-effective and ideal cloud computing platform to host their web applications. The study was conducted by our team of server administrators, business analysts and developers. We were able to analyze the requirements and identify the best services for them.


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We are very pleased with eJyothi’s level of commitment, dedication, and turnaround times on our projects. Their development has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver quality solutions. We highly recommend eJyothi Services.

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