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Software Evaluation & Implementation

For the small businesses we support, the primary concern is affordability. So, we look for Open Source Software packages first. We have experience in selecting and implementing several Open Source packages. These include: Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Issue Tracker, Network Monitoring System, Groupware, Asterisk VOIP and others.

Project Highlights

  • DLS

    We have done extensive research and evaluation in identifying suitable web applications and software for DLS. We have analysed, compared and evaluated Issue Tracking Systems, Hardware/Software Inventory Systems, and several other desktop applications for facilitating their day-to-day process. We identified Mantis, openAudit and Horde as the suitable applications and also implemented them for DLS.

  • Ascella Technologies

    We have done comprehensive analysis of various web applications from CMS to CRM for Ascella. The web applications they currently use to facilitate their business process are recommended by our R&D team. We have also evaluated and implemented Mantis, OpenCATS, MediaWiki, VTigerCRM, Drupal and Zabbix for Ascella.


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We are very pleased with eJyothi’s level of commitment, dedication, and turnaround times on our projects. Their development has the experience and knowledge needed to deliver quality solutions. We highly recommend eJyothi Services.

Ascella Technologies